Event Design & Event Planning

Our portfolio of services falls into two distinctive but complementary categories, those being Creative Event Design and Unique Event Planning. 

Event design refers to the architectural work done regarding event. It can be referred to as the sitemap design and plan, citing all constructions that will be created, the furnitures that needs to be installed, the flower design and style to be incorporated, the choice of all stationary to be used, the menu setup and the entertainment options to include. Each event is a new challenge for us where we are proud to offer creative and unique solutions for our exclusive clientele.

Event planning refers to the day to day overviewing and delivery of the design we have created and agreed upon with our clients. It is the outlining of all works, constructions, preparation of all stationery, the set up of the event itself and the establishment of the smooth correlation of all services before, during, and after the event.

Being a highly professional team, we know how to work under pressure and adjust to any circumstance with the highest level of competence and solemnity in every project we deliver


There is nothing more romantic than a new couple celebrating their love! 
 With our long experience in wedding and engagement traditions, we commit to deliver any religious wedding ceremony or union with high professionalism, devotion, and respect while honoring the rituals of each religion. 

Events & Parties

All our events are customized and each one unique in its own way. We put a lot of attention to details guaranteeing an exquisite result and a successful event. From private residential happenings to wedding dinner parties, we are obsessed with delivering outstanding services.

Corporate Events

Whether you are thinking of launching a new product, rewarding your employees and partners for their hard work, or trying to increase your productivity level through team work and togetherness, we will help you create the appropriate circumstances for a successful professional event. 

Extra Services


  • Wedding dress research and assistance
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Mothers’ dresses
  • Groom’s suit
  • Best man suit
  • Wedding bands
  • Traditional orthodox "crowns"
  • Bomboniere/Favors
  • Experience and know-how in religious ceremonies, unions and anniversaries
  • Traditional horse carriage
  • Ring and jewelry


  • Cakes and sweets (customized masterpiece creations)
  • Catering
  • Bar services (including someliers and mixologists)
  • Special drinks and wines
  • Customized candy bar


  • Welcome gift for guests
  • Hotel reservations
  • Special constructions
  • Filming and photography
  • RSVP Services
  • Tent coverage service for shading, rain or isolation


  • Printed and digital services (save the date, invitation, rsvp demand, map details, thank you notes, welcome notes, programs and menus)
  • 3D venue design


  • Fireworks
  • Cigars
  • Dancers
  • Performers
  • Musicians
  • Special Effects & Lights

Personal Care

  • Hair and makeup


  • Decoration
  • Flower decoration and in-house masterpiece creations
  • Special linen and couvert
  • Music and lighting support for private events up to concert capabilities
  • Furniture

VIP Services

  • Security services
  • Discretion and confidentiality of event guaranteed
  • Exposure over media upon request
  • Limousine service
  • Private jet, yacht, helicopter
  • Private chef and service
  • Multilingual (including English, French, Greek) highly professional experienced team. Russian, Arabic upon request.